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Mobile Agent systems have attracted considerable attention as means of exploring and manipulating distributed information sources. However, many existing multi-agent platforms present limitations in terms of adaptability and scalability, indicating difficulties when trying to replicate these results on a large scale. We describe the core of a novel mobile(More)
The complexity of the current global information infrastructure requires novel means of understanding and exploiting the dynamics of information. One means may be through the concept of an information ecosystem. An information ecosystem is analo gous to a natural ecosystem in which there are flo ws of materials and energy analo gous to information flow(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for man machine interaction applying real time computer vision techniques. We use a handheld camera to control the mouse cursor on a computer display. The camera captures an image of the display in its field of view and this can be used to judge the camera's position and orientation relative to the display. The problem(More)
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