Cees Pierik

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This paper describes a proof outline logic that covers most typical object-oriented language constructs in the presence of inheritance and subtyping. The logic is based on a weakest precondition calculus for assignments and object allocation which takes field shadowing into account. Dynamically bound method calls are tackled with a variant of Hoare's rule(More)
This paper outlines a sound and complete Hoare logic for a sequential object-oriented language with inheritance and subtyping like Java. It describes a weakest precondition calculus for assignments and object-creation, as well as Hoare rules for reasoning about (mutually recursive) method invocations with dynamic binding. Our approach enables reasoning at(More)
In this paper we introduce an object-oriented coordination language for multi-agents systems. The beliefs and reasoning capabilities of an agent are specified in terms of a corresponding abstract data type. Agents interact via an extension of the usual object-oriented message passing mechanism. This extension provides the autonomy that is required of agents(More)
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