Cees J. M. van Rijn

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With the use of silicon micromachining, an inorganic membrane sieve for microfiltration has been constructed having a silicon nitride membrane layer with thickness typically 1 m and perforations typically between 0.5 m and 10 m in diameter. As a support a h100i-silicon wafer with openings of 1000 m in diameter has been used. The thin silicon nitride layer(More)
In this paper, a process for the microfabrication of a wafer-scale palladium—silver alloy membrane (Pd–Ag) is presented. Pd–Ag alloy films containing 23 wt% Ag were prepared by co-sputtering from pure Pd and Ag targets. The films were deposited on the unetched side of a 110 -oriented silicon wafer in which deep grooves were etched in a concentrated KOH(More)
Gradual clogging of the apertures of nanostencils used as miniature shadow masks in metal evaporations can be reduced by coating the stencil with self-assembled monolayers (SAM). This is quantified by the dimensions (height and volume) of gold features obtained by nanostencil evaporation as measured by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force(More)
A silicon nanowire field-effect transistor based sensor (SiNW-FET) has been proved to be the most sensitive and powerful device for bio-detection applications. In this paper, SiNWs were first fabricated by using our recently developed deposition and etching under angle technique (DEA), then used to build up the complete SiNW device based biosensor. The(More)
This paper presents a fully integrated lock-in amplifier intended for nanowire gas sensing. The nanowire will change its conductivity according to the concentration of an absorbing gas. To ensure an accurate nanowire impedance measurement, a lock-in technique is implemented to attenuate the low frequency noise and offset by synchronous demodulation or(More)
A new ultra thbi filtration membrane has been used for 1eukoc.yte renrovul from eqythocyte concentrates. This filtration niembrane, an Aquanrarijrt Microsieve@, has a high pore density find N nurroiv pore size distribution and shows good sepuration behaviour. The low surfuce roughness of the niicrosieve will contribute to the biocontpatibility and will(More)
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