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Thylacocephala (Arthropoda: Crustacea) from the Cretaceous of Lebanon
An intensive study of a collection of arthropods from the Cretaceous of Lebanon, formerly referred to as stomatopod larvae, reveals that these forms belong to the problematical arthropod classExpand
New Genus and Species from the Cretaceous of Lebanon Links the Thylacocephala To the Crustacea
A continuing study of a collection of marine arthropods from the Upper Cretaceous of Sahel Alma in Lebanon has uncovered a new genus and species of the problematic arthropod group Thylacocephala. TheExpand
Mazon Creek Cycloidea
The Mazon Creek Cycloidea contain four taxa: Cyclus americanus Packard, 1885, Cyclus obesus, new species, Halicyne max, new species, and Apionicon apioides, new genus, new species. We conclude, basedExpand
Fossil stomatopods (Crustacea: Malacostraca) and their phylogenetic impact
The Stomatopoda form a distinctive order within the Malacostraca. It is an ancient group of benthic, obligate carnivorous crustaceans. Various studies have focused on stomatopods, mainly in regard toExpand
Decay and mineralization of mantis shrimps (Stomatopoda; Crustacea); a key to their fossil record
Experiments were carried out on decay and early diagenetic mineralization in the stomatopod Neogonodactylus as a basis for the interpretation of fossil specimens of mantis shrimps. NeogonodactylusExpand
The stomatopod body plan is highly specialized for predation, yet the Superorder Hoplocarida originated from something other than the "lean, mean, killing machine" seen today. The fossil record ofExpand
Palaeo- and archaeostomatopods (Hoplocarida, Crustacea) from the Bear Gulch Limestone, Mississippian (Namurian), of central Montana
The palaeostomatopod crustacean Bairdops beargulchensis Schram & Horner, 1978 (Malacostraca, Hoplocarida) from the Mississippian Bear Gulch Limestone is now seen as a taxonomic composite that aroseExpand
Late Cretaceous stomatopods (Crustacea, Malacostraca) from Israel and Jordan
The eryonid decapod Eryon yehoachi Remy & Avnimelech, 1955, from the Late Cretaceous of Israel, is redescribed as a fossil stomatopod species within the new genus Ursquilla. This redescription isExpand
Biodegradation of the chitin-protein complex in crustacean cuticle
Abstract Arthropod cuticles consist predominantly of chitin cross-linked with proteins. While there is some experimental evidence that this chitin-protein complex may resist decay, the chemicalExpand