Cees Bil

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This paper discusses the development of an intelligent routing system for automating design of electrical wiring harnesses and pipes in aircraft. The system employs knowledge based engineering (KBE) methods and technologies for capturing and implementing rules and engineering knowledge relating to the routing process. The system reads a mesh of three(More)
Due to the random nature of the ship's motion in an open water environment , the deployment and the landing of vehicles from a ship can often be difficult and even dangerous. The ability to predict reliably the motion will allow improvements in safety on board ships and facilitate more accurate deployment of vehicles off ships. This paper presents an(More)
It is generally accepted in the global aerospace industry that technologies required for autonomous capabilities for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are mature enough for more widespread use. Market surveys predict a significant increase in UAV usage over the next five years, when the strong growth in the military applications market would start to settle,(More)
Games Theory is used to model conflict scenarios where two or more players compete to achieve a pre-defined objective. This paper presents the development of a stochastic modeling technique to optimise the trajectory of two aircraft in an air combat situation. One aircraft will act as an evader and the other as a pursuer. The study considers pilot and(More)
The design of electrical wiring and hydraulic/pneumatic piping routes in aircraft is a long and repetitive process which is largely done by hand. Presented in this paper is progress in the development of a knowledge based routing system which automates much of the routing process using intelligent algorithms and interchangeable design rules. The system(More)
This paper investigates a complex pursuit-evasion game in three dimensions with complete information applied to two aircrafts in an air combat. Both aircrafts are simulated as point masses with limitations of the flight performance. To find an optimal trajectory for the evader, populations of trajectories are randomly generated for a given time length. The(More)