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Intelligent PID controllers, or i-PID controllers, are PID controllers where the unknown parts of the plant, which might be highly nonlinear and/or time-varying, are taken into account without any modeling procedure. Our main tool is an online numerical differentiator, which is based on easily implementable fast estimation and identification techniques.(More)
This paper deals with the problem of fault detection and isolation in nonlinear systems. A new design method for residual generation is developed, based on geometric approach. In this work, existence conditions given by De Persis and Isidori (C. De Persis and A. Isidori, 1999 and C. De Persis and A. Isidori, 2000) are considered. In order to illustrate the(More)
We are presenting a change-point detection method based on a direct online estimation of the signalpsilas singularity points. Using a piecewise local polynomial representation of the signal, we cast the problem into a delay estimation. A change-point instant is characterized as a solution of a polynomial equation, the coefficients of which are composed by(More)
In this paper, a new time delay estimation technique is applied for the R-R interval analysis. The key idea is about the R-R interval estimation of the ECG signal that is regarded as a time delay estimation in which we cast the change-point detection problem. This work aims to present an ad-hoc time delay technique that stems from operational calculus,(More)
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