Cedric Nishan Canagarajah

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The optimal features with which to discriminate between regions and, thus, segment an image often differ depending on the nature of the image. Many real images are made up of both smooth and textured regions and are best segmented using different features in different areas. A scheme that automatically selects the optimal features for each pixel using(More)
A number of pixel-based image fusion algorithms (using averaging, contrast pyramids, the discrete wavelet transform and the dualtree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) to perform fusion) are reviewed and compared with a novel region-based image fusion method which facilitates increased flexibility with the definition of a variety of fusion rules. The DT-CWT(More)
This paper presents visual cues for object tracking in video sequences using particle filtering. A consistent histogram-based framework is developed for the analysis of colour, edge and texture cues. The visual models for the cues are learnt from the first frame and the tracking can be carried out using one or more of the cues. A method for online(More)
Automatic identification of special effects is a prerequisite for video indexing and intelligent video encoding. In this paper we present an algorithm for fade and dissolve scene change detection in video sequences. We use statistical features of the images to identify these special effects in uncompressed video. DC-estimation [4] is used to evaluate(More)
In this paper we investigate object tracking in video sequences by using the potential of particle filtering to process features from video frames. A particle filter (PF) and a Gaussian sum particle filter (GSPF) are developed based upon multiple information cues, namely colour and texture, which are described with highly nonlinear models. The algorithms(More)
(2000). Rotationally invariant texture features using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform. General rights This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Full terms of use are available: Explore Bristol Research is a digital archive and the intention is that(More)