Cedric Jehanno

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Patients with functioning parathyroid carcinoma (PTC) may develop local or distant metastases many years after primary surgical resection. Such lesions are sometimes very difficult to localize, even with current investigative methods (including computed tomographic scanning, scintiscan, angiography, and selective venous catheterization with PTH(More)
Perforation of the cervical esophagus in the course of attempted intubation of the trachea is a very rare accident, or at least rarely reported. Over the past 11 years, 12 patients ranging in age from 44 to 72 years were treated in our unit. If suspected, esophageal perforation is easy to diagnose when intubation has been difficult or when the patient(More)
The authors present a case of thoracic phaeochromocytoma responsible for cardio-circulatory arrest during thoracotomy for mediastinal tumour. In such cases, hypertension must be controlled with phentolamine or sodium nitroprusside, cardiac arrhythmia with lignocaine, and collapse with volaemic expansion. The medical literature concerning thoracic(More)
The authors report 10 observations of acute hyperparathyroïdism crisis cases operated without death. They draw their conclusions from their own experience and from published cases. The evolution on the medical treatment is invariably mortal. The logical treatment is surgery. The operation is a true emergency, preceded by a brief but intensive medical(More)
On the basis of 12 cases of caustic burns of the oesophagus, the authors describe the technique of alimentation, once the acute phase of the first eight days has passed. From the 8th to the 15th days, calories and provided parenterally. An upper GI series is carried out on the 15th day: if the stomach is healthy, the authors fashion an alimentation(More)
The authors underline the factors favouring perforation of the oesophagus during intubation in the light of 12 personal cases: difficulty in intubation, use of an introducer, inexperienced operator. Such a perforation may result in mediastinitis and should be treated early with massive polyvalent antibiotics and a surgical suture left at rest for(More)