Cedric J. Carter

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Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) levels (an index of the amount of substrate available for lipid peroxidation) were measured in several brain regions from patients who died with Parkinson's disease and age-matched control human postmortem brains. PUFA levels were reduced in parkinsonian substantia nigra compared to other brain regions and to control(More)
Bites from the hard tick Amblyomma americanum are associated with a Lyme disease-like illness in the southern United States. To identify possible etiologic agents for this disorder, A. americanum ticks were collected in Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, and New York and examined microscopically. Uncultivable spirochetes were present in approximately 2% of the(More)
The effects of 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) lesions of catecholamine terminals within the medial prefrontal cortex on spontaneous motor activity, dopamine (DA)-dependent stereotyped behaviour and subcortical dopamine turnover were investigated in the rat. Two types of lesions were examined, bilateral injection of 6-OHDA into the medial prefrontal cortex of(More)
The topographical distribution of putative glutamatergic projections from the frontal cortex to the striatum and substantia nigra has been examined by measuring the high-affinity uptake of [14C]glutamate in synaptosomal preparations from rat anterior or posterior striatum and substantia nigra after a series of focal kainic acid lesions of the medial(More)
The effect of lesions of the catecholamine nerve terminals in the medial prefrontal cortex of the rat on neurotransmitter mechanisms within the basal ganglia has been investigated. Bilateral 6-hydroxydopamine lesions were stereotaxically placed in the dopamine-rich (DA) area of th frontal cortex. Animals were pretreated with desmethylimipramine to block the(More)
The diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in critically ill patients is complicated by lack of information on the frequency of HIT relative to thrombocytopenia from other causes. In addition, results from HIT diagnostic tests have not been clearly evaluated for clinical utility. In this prospective study, we estimated the frequency of HIT and(More)
There is experimental evidence that low-molecular-weight fractions of heparin are as effective as the standard form but cause less bleeding. We therefore performed a double-blind, randomized trial comparing PK10169 low-molecular-weight heparin with placebo for the prevention of venous thrombosis in patients undergoing elective hip surgery. Prophylactic(More)
Components of the factor VIII complex increase and activation of the fibrinolytic system occur during exercise. The relation between the duration and intensity of exercise and the relative changes in the VIII complex and fibrinolytic system have not been previously examined. Five healthy male subjects were exercised with three protocols: a graded(More)