Cedric Girard

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We designed a general-purpose computer program, Osiris, for the display, manipulation, and analysis of digital medical images. The program offers an intuitive, window-based interface with direct access to generic tools. Characterized by user-friendliness, portability, and extensibility, Osiris is compatible with both Unix-based and Macintosh-based(More)
World Wide Web (WWW) standards have been established for the transmission of and remote consultation on medical information and records, including medical images, extracted from an existing hospital information system. A software package called Osiris is being used for the display and manipulation of medical images in a hospital-based picture archiving and(More)
This paper describes the PAPYRUS 3.0 file format based on the new DICOM 3.0 Standard which addresses the open interchange of medical images in files or on removable storage media. This specific implementation of the DICOM standard is intended as a generic solution for interchange of multi-modality medical images on removable media. It can also be used for(More)
In July 2008, the Kaminsky attack showed that DNS is sensitive to cache poisoning, and DNSSEC is considered the long term solution to mitigate this attack. A lot of technical documents provide configuration and security guide lines to deploy DNSSEC on organization's servers. However, such documents do not provide ISP or network administrators inputs to plan(More)
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is part of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) handling all issues of non-intentional interference between transmitters and receivers. In this document, various models and methods are described in order to carry out EMI simulations and evaluate the performance degradation of cosite equipments of a system. A next step will(More)
A special software package for interactive display and manipulation of medical images was developed at the University Hospital of Geneva, as part of a hospital wide Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This software package, called Osiris, was especially designed to be easily usable and adaptable to the needs of noncomputer-oriented(More)
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