Cedar Sherbert

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Partially degenerate oligonucleotides based on peptide sequence were used to isolate cDNA to a 63-kDa bovine brain calmodulin-stimulated phosphodiesterase (CaM-PDE) isozyme. A 412-base pair polymerase chain reaction fragment was obtained and used along with the oligonucleotides to isolate several cDNAs each encoding sequence identical to known peptide(More)
We have examined the effects of interferon (IFN)-alpha/beta on HIV-1 and SIV replication in CD4+ T-cell lines. To enable us to examine these effects on a single cycle of virus replication, cells were synchronously infected with HIV-1 LAI or SIV mac251. Cell lines included MT4 cells which were responsive to IFN and, as controls, C8166 cells which failed to(More)
T cell responses are correlated with recovery from and resistance to leishmaniasis. Antigens of Leishmania chagasi were evaluated by determining their ability to elicit in vitro proliferation and cytokine production in peripheral blood lymphocytes and in T cell lines and clones from patients with histories of leishmaniasis or Chagas' disease. Antigens(More)
A model of vertical HIV transmission was developed using oral HIV-2(287) exposure of newborn Macaca nemestrina. The minimal Animal Infectious Dose for this oral route was found to be 10-fold higher than that for atraumatic viral transmission across other mucosal membranes (vaginal/rectal) of juvenile macaques. However, once infection was established, viral(More)
We previously demonstrated that cellular mRNAs are degraded in CD4 positive lymphocytes infected by the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV-1, but not in cells infected by the simian lentivirus, SIV. To begin to define the molecular mechanisms underlying this RNA degradation, we have established an in vitro RNA degradation assay utilizing extracts from both(More)
Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing) is a highly personal interpretation of the poem “Gesture Down to Guatemala” by the late Blackfeet/ Gros Ventre writer James welch. It was one of seven short films commissioned by celebrated author and filmmaker Sherman Alexie as part of a weekend-long tribute to James welch held at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle, washington.(More)
To study mechanisms involved in mother-to-fetus transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in utero, we have developed a chronically catheterized pregnant macaque model that permits simultaneous and sequential determination of virus in maternal and fetal blood and amniotic fluid during pregnancy. In this report, we have characterized this model(More)
Recently, we developed a maternal-fetal macaque model using a highly pathogenic HIV-2 strain, HIV-2287, to study the time course of HIV transmission in utero. Most pregnant macaques (Macaca nemestrina) infected with HIV-2287 (10-103 infective doses) transmitted HIV to their fetuses, as verified by positive identification of virus-infected mononuclear cells(More)
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