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Thirty-four sympathectomies were performed for causalgic pain. Overt extremity trauma was the precipitating event in only 26%. In 48%, nerve compression requiring surgical relief preceded the onset of the pain; most common lumbar disk surgery (37%). In the remainder (26%), miscellaneous vascular conditions contributed. Satisfactory immediate relief was(More)
Because clinical assessment of bowel viability is unreliable, other methods of determining intestinal perfusion have been recommended. Since none of these quantifies intestinal blood flow, we measured flow at the detection thresholds of Doppler ultrasound, photoplethysmography, and intravenously administered fluorescein, perfused the intestines at these(More)
In rats, this study determined the impact of systemic hypoxia during late kainate-induced status epilepticus on hippocampal neuron loss and mossy fiber sprouting. Non-fasted Sprague Dawley rats were prepared as follows: Naive controls (n=5); rats placed 2 min in a hypoxia chamber (hypoxia only; n=6); rats that seized for more than 6 h from kainic acid(More)
The great difficulties in treating people and animals suffering from cryptosporidiosis have prompted the development of in vitro experimental models. Due to the models of in vitro culture, new extracellular stages of Cryptosporidium have been demonstrated. The development of these extracellular phases depends on the technique of in vitro culture and on the(More)
In a 32 months period, 31 patients having esophageal varices, 29 of which were with an acute episode of digestive hemorrhage coming from those varices, had undergone fiberendoscopic sclerotherapy. The hemorrhage stopped in 24 patients (82,7%), 17 (58,6%) of which are over one year without bleeding. Complications were minimal, not having major complication(More)
Brain dopaminergic system has a crucial role in the etiology of several neuropsychiatric disorders, including Parkinson's disease, depression, and schizophrenia. Several dopaminergic drugs are used to treat these pathologies, but many problems are attributed to these therapies. Within this context, the search for new more efficient dopaminergic agents with(More)