Cecille Galang

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There have been limited studies of the validation of actigraphy for the determination of sleep and wake in children and in this study we aimed to compare wrist actigraphy with polysomnography (PSG). We studied 45 children (29 M/16 F), aged between 1 and 12 years (5.8 +/- 2.7 years, mean +/- SD). Actigraphic data were collected during standard overnight PSG.(More)
The preparation and use of an alternate collection device for aspiration biopsy of the prostate is presented. The device is inexpensive and can be constructed from readily available office materials. Its use in conjunction with a liquid-phase collection of cellular products of aspiration biopsy by a backwash technique is described. Following this, a brief(More)
Aspiration biopsy of the prostate is contraindicated when active prostatitis is present. However, we have found prostatitis in 45.2 percent of 250 consecutive aspiration biopsy specimens, confirming that urologists have difficulty in distinguishing prostatitis from carcinoma on a clinical basis. The epithelial changes accompanying prostatitis also may be(More)
Aspiration biopsy is a rapid and relatively painless technique for evaluating an abnormal prostate gland. It can be performed on outpatients without anesthesia and is easily tolerated. It sensitivity in detecting cancer is at least equivalent to that of core biopsies, in part because several areas of the prostate may be sampled in a relatively atraumatic(More)
Two cases of intussusception of the appendix are reported--one caused by adenocarcinoma and adenomatous polyp and the other by an endometrioma. Appendiceal intussusception and adenocarcinoma are both uncommon entities and this is the first report of the two occurring concomitantly. Due to variable symptoms, the correct diagnosis of appendiceal(More)
Hypercholesterolemia induces adhesion of blood-borne monocytes to vascular endothelium and their subsequent migration into the intima, where foam cell lesions subsequently develop. The regulating mechanisms for the adhesion and migration are unclear. In this study, a specific thromboxane A2 (TXA2) synthetase inhibitor, UK-38485, was used to treat rabbits(More)
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