Cecilio Valadez-Cano

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The endosymbiotic acquisition of mitochondria and plastids more than 1 Ga ago profoundly impacted eukaryote evolution. At the heart of understanding organelle evolution is the re-arrangement of the endosymbiont proteome into a host-controlled organellar proteome. However, early stages in this process as well as the timing of events that underlie organelle(More)
The ancestor of Paulinella chromatophora established a symbiotic relationship with cyanobacteria related to the Prochloroccocus/Synechococcus clade. This event has been described as a second primary endosymbiosis leading to a plastid in the making. Based on the rate of pseudogene disintegration in the endosymbiotic bacteria Buchnera aphidicola, it was(More)
Genome degradation of host-restricted mutualistic endosymbionts has been attributed to inactivating mutations and genetic drift while genes coding for host-relevant functions are conserved by purifying selection. Unlike their free-living relatives, the metabolism of mutualistic endosymbionts and endosymbiont-originated organelles is specialized in the(More)
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