Cecilie Rekdal

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SPBP (stromelysin-1 platelet-derived growth factor-responsive element binding protein) was originally cloned from a cDNA expression library by virtue of its ability to bind to a platelet-derived growth factor-responsive element in the human stromelysin-1 promoter. A 937-amino acid-long protein was deduced from a 3995-nucleotide murine cDNA sequence. By(More)
Our genome is assembled into and array of highly dynamic nucleosome structures allowing spatial and temporal access to DNA. The nucleosomes are subject to a wide array of post-translational modifications, altering the DNA-histone interaction and serving as docking sites for proteins exhibiting effector or "reader" modules. The nuclear proteins SPBP and RAI1(More)
SPBP (Stromelysin-1 PDGF responsive element binding protein) is a ubiquitously expressed 220 kDa nuclear protein shown to enhance or repress the transcriptional activity of various transcription factors. A yeast two-hybrid screen, with the extended plant homeodomain (ePHD) of SPBP as bait, identified TopBP1 (topoisomerase II beta-binding protein 1) as a(More)
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