Cecilie Markvard Møller

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Among the numerous non-point sources of diffuse water pollution with nitrogen, agriculture is counted one of the main sources. The agricultural policies of the Agenda 2000 and a decoupling of direct payments for farmers from their production decisions are exemplarily evaluated as nitrogen reduction measures using the Regional Agricultural and Environmental(More)
The Danish health care system is undergoing a major reorganisation, resulting in fewer emergency departments (ED) with consultants in attendance 24/7. This questionnaire-based study evaluates the status of the reorganisation with emphasis on physician attendance and recruitment. 76% of the EDs are not staffed by consultants 24/7, 51% report difficulties in(More)
Universit y of A ar hus / A ar hus Universit y Hospital The Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its magnetic counterpart (MMNm) is a pre-attentive component on the EEG/MEG signal , peaking around 100-250 ms after auditory stimuli onset. Its presense is considered an objective meassure of the brain's ability to detect deviants in a series of repetitive sounds 1.(More)
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