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Palabras clave: Alimentación suplementaria; Micronutrientes; Anemia; Niño (fuente: DeCS BIREME). ABSTRACT The aim of this research was to determine the impact of the strategy of multi-micronutrient supplementation (MMN) on the childhood anemia in three Andean regions of Peru. A sentinel surveillance system was established in 29 health centers of(More)
The performance of aerobic submerged packed bed reactors was studied for the treatment of domestic wastewater using different kinds of packing materials with high specific areas (760-1,200 m(2)/m(3)). The tested materials were ceramic spheres, crushed tezontle, grains of high density polyethylene (HDPE), of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and of(More)
Nanoindentation is a powerful tool for hardness testing on a very small scale. Since the technique was first introduced for studying wood cell wall mechanics, it has been integrated as an important tool for measuring the modulus of elasticity and hardness of wood cell walls. In this study, hardness measured with nanoindentation (nanohardness) was compared(More)
The objective of this study is to evaluate the treatment of high-strength acid mine drainage (AMD) from copper mining by nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) at pilot scale. The performances of two commercial spiral-wound membranes - NF99 and RO98pHt, both from Alfa Laval - were compared. The effects of pressure and feed flow on ion rejection and(More)
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