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Our previous data demonstrated profound anti-tumor and anti-metastatic effects of p62 (sqstm1) DNA vaccine in rodents with various types of transplantable tumors. Testing anti-cancer medicine in dogs as an intermediary step of translational research program provides two major benefits. First, clinical data collected in target animals is required for(More)
We recently reported that a DNA plasmid coding p62-SQSTM1 acts as an effective anti tumor vaccine against both transplantable mouse tumors and canine spontaneous mammary neoplasms. Here we report the unexpected finding that intramuscular delivery of p62 DNA exerts a powerful anti-osteoporotic activity in a mouse model of inflammatory bone loss (i.e,(More)
Ferrara type of beta 0 thalassaemia has two unusual features: first, normal beta-globin chain synthesis is inducible either in cell-free systems prepared from patients' reticulocytes by adding supernatant factors from non-thalassaemic reticulocyte lysates or in heterologous cell-free translation of thalassaemic mRNA; second, beta-globin synthesis is(More)
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