Cecilia Veronica Sanz

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The purposes of educational e-inclusion are fairness, equality and quality in the educational processes and offering the benefits of ICTs to all students. The impossibility of using computers or accessing the Internet increases educational exclusion and segregation. In this paper, we present an experience carried out at a special education center. This(More)
This volume 2, number 2 gathers a collection of articles related to the access to information and communication systems: a research on a device specific for wheelchair users to control ICT tools; and articles related to the accessibility of educational resources and information and communication technologies by students with auditory disability and motor(More)
Hacia un modelo de evaluación de entornos virtuales de enseñanza y aprendizaje. La importancia de la usabilidad. En particular, es de interés estudiar y analizar los actuales Entornos Virtuales de Enseñanza y de Aprendizaje (EVEA), cómo han evolucionado y cuáles son los criterios que permiten evaluarlos. Se presentan aquí diferentes modelos de evaluación de(More)