Cecilia Sjöberg

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Label fusion multi-atlas approaches for image segmentation can give better segmentation results than single atlas methods. We present a multi-atlas label fusion strategy based on probabilistic weighting of distance maps. Relationships between image similarities and segmentation similarities are estimated in a learning phase and used to derive fusion weights(More)
This paper outlines a Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) system for primary care and presents from its participatory design process time consumption, costs, and experiences. The system integrates a hypermedia environment, a computerized patient record, and an electronicmessage system. It is developed to coordinate organizational learning in primary(More)
To explore the design of computer-supported collaborative work in health care, a case study is described addressing the social contexts and conditions influencing the development process. The data set covers 13 consecutive meetings held in a systems design group over a 2-year period, in total approximately 24 h of video recordings. Subjectivist methods are(More)
To explore a medical hypermedia design process where requirements engineering and participatory design are used in a naturalistic setting, 5 years of participatory action research (PAR) have been performed in the development of a hypermedia system to be used in primary care practice. In PAR, the participating organizations cooperate with the researchers in(More)
AIM To study the objectives, processes, and ideologies expressed during participatory design of information systems (PDIS) in health care. DESIGN Longitudinal documentation of project meetings by video recording. Grounded theory development in three steps. SETTING Systems development project in primary care. RESULTS The developing system was discussed(More)
This paper presents a future scenario analysis of how the introduction of computerized knowledge bases (KBs) can come to affect primary care practice. For the collection and analysis of data, a two-level video method was applied. First, four consultations where a computerized KB was used were video-recorded. A search workshop was then carried out by letting(More)
Information and technical applications on the Internet have come to represent great economic values. At the same time it is a well-known fact that the Web and similar digital networks challenge the conventional ways of understanding and managing intellectual property rights. This gives rise to a need for legal advice, but precise answers are rarely found in(More)
Most of the available studies into information technology (IT) have been limited to investigating specific issues, such as how IT can support decision makers distributing the information throughout health care organization, or how technology impacts organizational performance. In this study, for use in the planning of information system development(More)