Cecilia Sik-Lányi

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During recent decades there has been an observable development in the social state of so-termed disabled people. With the WHO’s definition on the concepts of handicap, impairment and disability and the light cast on society’s responsibility towards their impaired members a radical change started. The overwhelming technological development of the late 20(More)
Car headlamp manufacturers have to optimise the headlamp spectrum to produce maximum visibility and minimal glare. There are very few investigations on the best spectrum for mesopic visibility and even less data on the spectrum of discomfort glare. We have performed pilot measurements to determine the spectral discomfort glare sensitivity under situations(More)
Our age, building around the World Wide Web, is called the era of information. This usually means simple access to news, theoretical or practical knowledge in science and engineering. But, less in the forefront, new ways of representation, embodiment of information give a very powerful hand in treatment of special patients. Recognising these offerings of(More)
The first one is intended for small children who have difficulty in fixating on a given target. It uses highcontrast images of increasing complexity. The investigations have shown that by training the vision of the children with such figures presented on a computer screen, their attention can be kept on the task; due to interactivity they become motivated.(More)
We have designed and evaluated around 10 serious games under the EU Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project: Game On Extra Time (GOET) project http://goet-project.eu/. The project supports people with learning disabilities and additional sensory impairments in getting and keeping a job by helping them to learn, via games-based learning, skills that will(More)