Cecilia Salinas Aguilar

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Agave tequilana fructans are the source of fermentable sugars for the production of tequila. Fructans are processed by acid hydrolysis or by cooking in ovens at high temperature. Enzymatic hydrolysis is considered an alternative for the bioconversion of fructans. We previously described the isolation of Aspergillus niger CH-A-2010, an indigenous strain that(More)
Internet is a social network par excellence. Is the core where born and settle all virtual-world social networks. It is obvious that social networks do not exist (in the term we use in this article) if there was no Internet. Online social networks have become the standard of the Web 2.0 environment that also brings together blogs, wikis and chats. From the(More)
BACKGROUND CDP-choline is a key intermediate in the biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine, which is an essential component of cellular membranes, and a cell signalling mediator. CDP-choline has been used for the treatment of cerebral ischaemia, showing beneficial effects. However, its potential benefit for the treatment of myocardial ischaemia has not been(More)
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