Cecilia R. Aragon

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We present a randomized strategy for maintaining balance in dynamically changing search trees that has optimalexpected behavior. In particular, in the expected case a search or an update takes logarithmic time, with the update requiring fewer than two rotations. Moreover, the update time remains logarithmic, even if the cost of a rotation is taken to be(More)
Geographically distributed collaborative teams often rely on synchronous text-based online communication for accomplishing tasks and maintaining social contact. This technology leaves a trace that can help researchers understand affect expression and dynamics in distributed groups. Although manual labeling of affect in chat logs has shed light on complex(More)
Radiotherapy (RT) for head and neck cancers causes permanent salivary gland dysfunction (SGD) and xerostomia. We have previously demonstrated the effectiveness of parotid-sparing RT on salivary function. The aim of this was to characterize the relationship between radiation dosages to parotid glands, SGD, xerostomia, and impaired quality of life (QOL).(More)
We present VizDeck, a web-based tool for exploratory visual analytics of unorganized relational data. Motivated by collaborations with domain scientists who search for complex patterns in hundreds of data sources simultaneously, VizDeck automatically recommends appropriate visualizations based on the statistical properties of the data and adopts a card game(More)
Residential thermostats control a substantial portion of both fuel and electrical energyd9% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. Consumers install programmable thermostats to save energy, yet numerous recent studies found that homes with programmable thermostats can use more energy than those controlled manually depending on howdor ifdthey are used.(More)
The study of creativity has received significant attention over the past century, with a recent increase in interest in collaborative, distributed creativity. We posit that creativity in distributed groups is fostered by software interfaces that specifically enable socio-emotional or affective communication. However, previous work on creativity and affect(More)
BACKGROUND Validated methods of objective assessments of surgical skills are resource intensive. We sought to test a web-based grading tool using crowdsourcing called Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skill. MATERIALS AND METHODS Institutional Review Board approval was granted to test the accuracy of Amazon.com's Mechanical Turk and Facebook(More)