Cecilia Poletto

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This edited volume of articles provides a state-of the art description of research in logic-based approaches to knowledge representation, which combines approaches to reasoning with incomplete information that include partial, modal, and nonmonotonic logics. Computational and Cognitive Models Hinrich SchOtze This volume is concerned with how ambiguity and(More)
Main clause wh-questions without V2 is geographically speaking a very widespread phenomenon in Norwegian, absent only in central eastern and southeastern Norwegian dialects. The characteristics of the phenomenon is nevertheless not uniform across the dialects—three descriptive variables can be discerned: (i) whether or not V2 is required, (ii) whether or(More)
4 NOTICE CISCL Working Papers on Language and Cognition are meant to host unpublished work in progress. The copyrights remain with the authors and inclusion in an issue of the CISCL WP does not preclude publication elsewhere. On the residual omission of Determiners in Italian L1: a case study 120 Irene Franco V1, V2 and criterial movement in Icelandic 142
In this paper, we present an overview of some issues related to the use of Big Data in the area of Linguistics that have been debated in workshops and conferences in the last two years. We also consider some requirements that " big " linguistic databases should have in order to tackle some of these issues; finally, we discuss a set of possible interactive(More)
The Alemannic dialects spoken in Switzerland and in SouthWestern Germany are structurally very similar. This seems to extend to the motion verb construction where the motion verb is obligatorily followed by an element gil go proceding the infinitive. Upon closer inspection, however, intriguing asymmetries emerge. We account for these differences by treating(More)
In this work we examine the position of separable prefixes in Cimbrian, a German dialect spoken in Northern Italy, which has the interesting property of having a productive set of separable verbs but also of being a VO language. The peculiarity of Cimbrian is that apparently separable prefixes change their position with respect to a) sentence type b) main(More)
In this work we examine the diachronic development of two types of negative markers showing that their semantic evolution is similar, as they have both undergone a stage when they become monotone decreasing quantifiers. However, their position is different: the first type, called minimizers, are part of a complex DP, while the second is a bare quantifier.(More)
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