Cecilia N Cortez

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Sapphyrins are pentapyrrolic, metal-free, expanded porphyrins. In the present study, the activity of sapphyrins as anticancer agents in hematopoietic-derived tumor cells was explored. It was found that a dihydroxylated water-soluble sapphyrin derivative (PCI-2000) is a potent inducer of apoptosis in a wide variety of tumor cell lines including lymphoma(More)
Sapphyrin analogues and related porphyrin-like species have attracted attention as anticancer agents due to their selective localization in various cancers, including hematologic malignancies, relative to surrounding tissues. Sapphyrins are electron affinic compounds that generate high yields of singlet oxygen formation. Although initially explored in the(More)
The identification of several metabolites formed from dibenz[aj]anthracene (DB[aj]A) and 7-methyldibenz[aj]anthracene (7MeDB[aj]A) in primary cultures of mouse keratinocytes is presented. The metabolites were analyzed by coelution with known synthetic standards using high-pressure liquid chromatography. The metabolite identifications were further(More)
The formation of deoxyribonucleoside adducts in mouse epidermis has been examined following topical application of [3H]dibenz[a,j]anthracene (DB[a,j]A) or by 32P-postlabeling following topical application of unlabeled DB[a,j]A, DB[a,j]A trans-3,4-diol or the anti- or syn-3,4-diol 1,2-epoxides. A single topical application of [3H]DB[a,j]A at a dose of 400(More)
Syntheses of the trans-dihydrodiol derivatives implicated as the proximate carcinogenic metabolites of the polycyclic hydrocarbons cholanthrene, 6-methylcholanthrene, benz[a]anthracene, and 7- and 12-methylbenz[a]anthracene are described. These compounds are useful models for research to determine the molecular basis of the strong enhancement of(More)
The 2'-hydroxyl group makes essential contributions to RNA structure and function. As an approach to assess the ability of a mercapto group to serve as a functional analogue for the 2'-hydroxyl group, we synthesized 2'-mercaptonucleotides for use in nucleotide analogue interference mapping. To correlate the observed interference effects with tertiary(More)
The crystal structure of 7,14-dimethyldibenz[a,j]anthracene (DMDBA) has been determined, and the crystal structure of tetrabenzo[de,hi,mn,qr]naphthacene (TBNC) has been redetermined at higher precision than previously reported. These molecules are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that have, respectively, two hindered bay regions and two fjord(More)
Identification of various deoxyribonucleoside adducts formed in primary cultures of mouse keratinocytes exposed to dibenz[a,j]anthracene (DB[a,j]A) is presented. A preliminary analysis of the DNA adducts formed from 7-methyldibenz[a,j]anthracene (7MeDB[a,j]A) also is presented. Cultures of keratinocytes obtained from dorsal skins of female SENCAR mice were(More)
Sapphyrins are pentapyrrolic metal-free expanded porphyrins with potential medical use as anticancer agents. The novel sapphyrin derivative, PCI-2050, functionalized with 2-[2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethoxy groups to enhance solubility and a modified bipyrrole moiety was found to be more potent in inducing apoptosis than the previously described sapphyrin(More)