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Examining Sexual Violence in the Military Within the Context of Eritrean Asylum Claims Presented in Norway
Discussion of rape by soldiers as a form of persecution has largely been directed towards the context of war or actual conflict. Nevertheless, there is a need for attention to be directed towards theExpand
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The Tampa Case and its Impact on Burden Sharing at Sea
This article reviews the Tampa case in order to highlight the lack of clear standards for rescue at sea of asylum seekers. In response to current initiatives to assess the gaps and inconsistenciesExpand
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National Case Law as a Generator of International Refugee Law: Rectifying an Imbalance within the UNHCR Guidelines on International Protection
The evolution of international refugee law is marked by the fact that it lacks an international refugee court to provide authoritative statements on the interpretation of the 1951 Convention on theExpand
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‘War in the Home’: An Exposition of Protection Issues Pertaining to the Use of House Raids in Counterinsurgency Operations
Abstract House raids represent the genre of military acts which fall within the grey zone of war and peace – counterinsurgency, post-conflict operations, or phase IV operations (a.k.a. OperationsExpand
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Non-State Actors, Soft Law and Protective Regimes: From The Margins
Introduction Cecilia M. Bailliet Part I. Protection Gaps within International Criminal Law: 1. Creating international law: gender as new paradigm Catherine MacKinnon 2. Legal redress for children onExpand
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Security : a multidisciplinary normative approach
Foreword Introduction Part I The Overarching Security Framework in International Law: 1. The Concept of Security in International Law Relating to Armed Conflicts Marco Sassoli 2. InternationalExpand
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