Cecilia Lalle

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The IREP Project is based on the concept of 'rehabilitation programme' (LLP--Life Long Programme). It consists in a global vision of the patient's therapeutic-rehabilitative path, that is realised by the description, selection, adaptation and evaluation of generalised protocols. This paper discusses the issues arising in the definition of multidisciplinary(More)
Availability of electronic healthcare records (EHCR) and geographical networks allows nowadays to realise a set of functionalities to support continuity of care. Actual exchange of complete clinical information, common centralised records, common decisions within an agreed protocols are not mandatory. Sub-optimal alternatives, involving easier management,(More)
Rehabilitation involves long-term, interdisciplinary processes. A model was developed, for the structured description of typical healthcare activities. Telematic services based on this model can support accurate data acquisition and communication among healthcare teams. Presentation of data within their context and according to the specific user's view is(More)
Report is the main phase of a diagnostic process by images. The product of the process is the diagnostic report. We are proposing an hypermedia structure of diagnostic report in radiology, in order to facilitate exchange between radiologist and clinician (specialist in internal medicine or surgeon) on a clinical case, without anymore charge on the side of(More)
In this paper a hypermedia system for parasite identification is described. The knowledge base is relative to the class of the Trematoda parasites and reports agent, vector, disease, related category of the International Classification of Diseases and geographic area. A graphic user-friendly human-machine interface has been realized for this system.
In this work we discuss problems related to the radiological reporting process and attempt to identify the ones which emerge during clinician-radiologist communication. We propose a hyper-reporting system, which allows the clinician to share the knowledge and critical factors that prompt the radiologist's diagnostic hypothesis during the discussion of(More)
A conceptual model of a health care structure is described. The management of protocols viewed as structured, flexible, and coherent descriptions of activities aimed to solve specific problems in the system is the kernel of the model. A global approach to the protocols is proposed. Each protocol is modeled from two points of view: the nature of the actions(More)
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