Cecilia I. Lin

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The silent mating-type genes (HML and HMR) of Saccharomyces cerevisiae are kept under negative transcriptional control by four trans-acting MAR (or SIR) loci. We have isolated extragenic suppressors of the mar2-1 mutation which, based on genetic complementation tests, define two additional loci involved in regulating the expression of HML and HMR. A strain(More)
In recent years, an increasing number of companies that have implemented ERP systems have expressed disappointment over a failure to reach anticipated goals. A major reason for this failure is the inefficient use of the ERP system by employees. Therefore, the critical issue is how users can most effectively take advantage of an ERP system.(More)
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the value of critical research for information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) studies. Most previous IS research on ICT4D projects is interpretive and has focused on the immediate organizational context, but there are very few critical studies that have engaged in macro sociopolitical(More)
In this study we explore two different perspectives of one ICT project. The " mainstream " believed that an educational ICT project for Taiwanese aboriginals was successful, while the local aboriginals and local teachers did not. Using ethnographic research, we investigated the possible reasons for the disparity between the views of the mainstream and the(More)
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