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To determine the frequency, characteristics and outcomes of severe agitation among ventilated medical intensive care unit (MICU) patients. Prospective cohort study. Eighteen-bed MICU in 964-bed tertiary care center. All ventilated patients, aged 18 years or older and admitted for more than 24 h between January 1, 2001 and May 8, 2001. None. Data were(More)
The expulsion of a primary infection of Trichinella spiralis was studied in rats fed diets containing (per kg diet) either 3 mg Zn [zinc deficient (Zn-)] or 40 mg Zn [zinc adequate (Zn+)]. A dose of 2000 muscle larvae (ML) impaired weight gain (mg/g body wt) in all groups compared with uninfected controls [eg, 0-7 d postinfection (dpi): infected Zn-, -105(More)
The course of a subcutaneous weight-related infection with Strongyloides ratti was followed in rats fed diets containing either 3 mg Zn/kg diet [zinc deficient (Zn-)] or 40 mg Zn/kg diet [zinc adequate (Zn+)]. At 19 d postinfection (dpi) the proportions of larvae persisting in the intestines as adult worms were 52 +/- 2% (means +/- SEM) for Zn-, 39.5 +/-(More)
This study evaluated partial antagonism of tiletamine-zolazepam (TZ) anesthesia in cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) and differences between two benzodiazepine antagonists, flumazenil and sarmazenil, in this species. Four cheetahs were anesthetized three times at an interval of 14 days with an average intramuscular dose of 4.2 mg/kg TZ. In trials 2 and 3(More)
Two sibs, a boy and a girl, had both hypoplasia of the cerebellar hemispheres and partial agenesis of the cerebellar vermis with normal communication between the fourth ventricle and arachnoid spaces, i.e., the manifestations of the Dandy-Walker variant malformation associated with agenesis of the corpus callosum. Both sibs were mentally retarded and had(More)
  • C Huber, C Reme
  • 1985
The results in seventeen cases of combined trabeculectomy and posterior lens implantation after extracapsular surgery are presented with a follow-up of three to 17 months. The mean reduction of intraocular pressure was 13 mmHg. There was no relationship between the histological localisation of the filter site and the effectiveness of the operation. As the(More)
OBJECTIVE The term "subaortic stenosis" includes a variety of obstructions of the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT), ranging from a short (discrete) subvalvular membrane to long, tunnel-like narrowing. An association with other congenital lesions is frequent. We reviewed the reported literature and describe our results, analyzing the nomenclature of and(More)
In lower extremity trauma, it is routine to check the neurovascular status of the affected limb. Failure to recognise a vascular injury can have catastrophic consequences for the patient. The frequent observation of the distal pulses at regular intervals after a traumatic knee dislocation is absolutely mandatory for the early recognition and management of(More)