Cecilia Henriksson

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OBJECTIVE To develop evidence-based recommendations for the management of fibromyalgia syndrome. METHODS A multidisciplinary task force was formed representing 11 European countries. The design of the study, including search strategy, participants, interventions, outcome measures, data collection and analytical method, was defined at the outset. A(More)
The aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of electropalatography (EPG) in home training of persistent articulation errors in an 11-year-old Swedish girl born with isolated cleft palate. The /t/ and /s/ sounds were trained in a single subject design across behaviours during an eight month period using a portable training unit (PTU). Both EPG analysis and(More)
It was found that PCPA (4 X 50-100 mg/kg) decreased the respiratory response to tone pulses (acoustic reaction), and this effect was antagonized by the administration of 5-HTP (25 mg/kg), after inhibition of extracerebral aromatic amino acid decarboxylase by means of benserazide (25 mg/kg). A further increase in the dose of 5-HTP, 50-100 mg/kg, in animals(More)
In the present report we have investigated the effects of apomorphine, (-)3-PPP, L-DOPA and haloperidol on the elicitation of convulsions induced in mice by exposure to oxygen at high pressure (HBO) (5 ata O2). It was found that the administration of apomorphine (0.025-0.1 mg X kg-1 s.c.), (-)3-PPP (4 mg X kg-1 i.p.) L-DOPA (200-400 mg X kg-1 i.p.) as well(More)
Male mice exposed to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) at 4.5 ATA O2 exhibit a number of toxic symptoms including convulsions, diminished respiration and an acoustic reaction controlled by the central nervous system. To study whether stimulation of the nervous system could offer protection against the convulsions, mice were injected i.p. with various doses of(More)
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