Cecilia Gascue

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mtDNA Amerindian polymorphisms were studied in 108 inhabitants of Montevideo, Uruguay, using PCR RFLP analysis. Amerindian haplogroups were found in 20.4% of the sample. The frequency of Amerindian polymorphisms in Montevideo differed significantly from that observed in Tacuarembó, a city about 400 km away, indicating the high level of variation within(More)
Vitamin D has important immuno-modulatory properties and it influences insulin secretion. It acts through a vitamin D receptor (VDR), for which several gene polymorphisms have been described. The Uruguayan population presents several epidemiological characteristics that make it different from that of other counties, including other Latin-American countries.(More)
Densitometry measurements of allograft ear ossicles implanted in humans middles ears for more than 10 years have been performed by means of High Resolution Computerized Tomography and compared with similar measurements made in the opposite normal middle ear ossicles. Eight patients operated for unilateral chronic ear disease were selected for this study.(More)
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