Cecilia Garcia

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Plants were, and still are, widely used for a number of conditions affecting women in California. This article discusses traditional remedies of the Chumash for dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, feminine hygiene, heavy menstruation, urinary tract infections, parturition, lactation, infant care, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, fertility,(More)
In the past, everyone in a Chumash village had a purpose, such as canoe maker, acorn gatherer, fisherman and many other jobs. This purpose was crucial to each person. Everyone had earned their place in society and their job for the village. Women earned their place by bearing children. Men earned their place by passing through the momoy ceremony (Datura(More)
This paper presents an image processing design flow for virtual fitting room (VFR) applications, targeting both personal computers and mobile devices. The proposed human friendly interface is implemented by a three-stage algorithm: detection and sizing of the user's body, detection of reference points based on face detection and augmented reality markers,(More)
This article discusses the importance of the spirit and mind in health and well-being among Chumash people. Prayer was the first step in healing since prayer invites the participation of God. Initiation practices are discussed that encouraged young people to develop the maturity and spiritual strength to become productive members of society. Pictographs(More)
BACKGROUND Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disease caused by a failure of neuromuscular transmission. Familial clustering has been reported despiteMG usually manifesting as a sporadic condition presumed not to be inherited. Our study investigated the prevalence of FAMG in a Spanish cohort, characterizing their phenotype,antibody titres and thymus(More)
To investigate the association of functional variants of the human UNC13A gene with the risk of ALS, survival and the disease progression rate in a Spanish ALS cohort. 136 sporadic ALS (sALS) patients and 487 healthy controls were genotyped for the UNC13A rs12608932 variant. Clinical characterization of ALS patients included gender, age at first symptom,(More)
Chinese and Chumash traditional medical approaches are similar in terms of disease causation, use of acupuncture or healing touch, plants, spiritual and philosophical approaches. This article provides a brief comparison and discussion of Chinese and Chumash traditional medical practices. A table of 66 plants is presented along with Chinese and Chumash uses(More)
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