Cecilia García

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Table 1 Allele frequency and genotype distribution in patients with and without spontaneous dyskinesia, and control subjects No. Age Allele frequency Genotype distribution Mean (SD) Allele 1 Allele 2 11 12 22 % (No.) % (No.) % (No.) % (No.) % (No.) in genotype distribution. The 2-2 genotype was present in three out of 26 patients with dyskinesia (11.5%) vs(More)
Plants were, and still are, widely used for a number of conditions affecting women in California. This article discusses traditional remedies of the Chumash for dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, feminine hygiene, heavy menstruation, urinary tract infections, parturition, lactation, infant care, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, fertility,(More)
In the past, everyone in a Chumash village had a purpose, such as canoe maker, acorn gatherer, fisherman and many other jobs. This purpose was crucial to each person. Everyone had earned their place in society and their job for the village. Women earned their place by bearing children. Men earned their place by passing through the momoy ceremony (Datura(More)
The stability analysis of a two-degree-of freedom teleoperation system, considering the remote station as a non-linear system, is presented. The non-linearity arises in the remote robot's model. Force and position data are backfed from the local to the remote station. The time delay between both stations is fixed and known. A model of the human operator is(More)
This article discusses the importance of the spirit and mind in health and well-being among Chumash people. Prayer was the first step in healing since prayer invites the participation of God. Initiation practices are discussed that encouraged young people to develop the maturity and spiritual strength to become productive members of society. Pictographs(More)
This article presents the design of the base molecule for the RobMAT modular robot and the simulation tool MAVES (Modular Agents Virtual Environment Simulator). The base molecule is formed by 3 link atoms, 2-foot accessories and 2 joint atoms with 3 d.o.f. With the developed simulator, it is possible to analyse the kinematics morphology and dynamics(More)
In this paper a time delay compensation control structure for a robot teleoperation system is presented. The structure design was made considering 1.9-seconds time delay in the communication between the remote and local stations. The objective is to control both the remote manipulator's position and force. Force and position signals are fedback to the local(More)