Cecilia Fred

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  • Venkata K Jasti, C Fred, Higgs Iii
  • 2006
Liquid lubricants break down at extreme temperatures and promote stiction in micro-/ nanoscale environments. Consequently, using flows of solid granular particles as a " dry " lubrication mechanism in sliding contacts was proposed because of their ability to carry loads and accommodate surface velocities. Granular flows are highly complex flows that in many(More)
Three schools in Central Florida were monitored for indoor radon levels using three types of short term detectors. Soil gas measurements were also conducted at each school in order to determine the validity of such measurements as a predictor of relative risk. A primary goal of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of instrumentation and techniques(More)
Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is a manufacturing process in which a wafer surface is polished by pressing it against a rotating pad that is flooded with slurry. The slurry itself is a fluid containing abrasive particles. Past experimentation has shown that the distribution of suspended particles in the slurry is significantly related to the(More)
Foreword The food and agricultural research establishment today is facing new problems that place severe strains on the research system. A previous OTA report, An Assessment of the United States Food and Agricultural Research System, documented these concerns and provided policy options to Congress. Postharvest technology and marketing economics (PHTME)(More)
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