Cecilia Buchanan

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Glypican-3 (GPC3) is a proteoglycan involved in proliferation and cell survival. Several reports demonstrated that GPC3 is downregulated in some tumors, such as breast cancer. Previously, we determined that GPC3 reexpression in the murine mammary adenocarcinoma LM3 cells induced an impairment of their invasive and metastatic capacities, associated with a(More)
BACKGROUND The in vitro culture of insulinomas provides an attractive tool to study cell proliferation and insulin synthesis and secretion. However, only a few human beta cell lines have been described, with long-term passage resulting in loss of insulin secretion. Therefore, we set out to establish and characterize human insulin-releasing cell lines. (More)
Tumor metastasis is a main contributor to death in cancer patients. In the last years, a new class of molecules that reduces the metastatic propensity has been identified: metastasis suppressors. These proteins regulate multiple steps in the metastatic cascade, including cell invasion, survival in the vascular and lymphatic circulation, and colonization of(More)
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