Cecile W. Taylor

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A new concept in out-of-step protective relaying that has several advantages over conventional out-of-step relaying is developed. The technique involves augmenting apparent impedance or apparent resistance based control with computed rate of change of apparent impedance or resistance. By use of appropriate control laws plus adaptive features, a relay which(More)
Thirty previously unmapped markers have been located; 13 are at newly designated loci. Numerous sequences for previously mapped genes have also been determined. A revised map of linkage group I is presented. The order from conventional mapping has been confirmed by testing recessive markers in IL for coverage by duplications. Assignment of new mutants to(More)
Implementation and operating experience with a control system which modulates power on the Pacific HVDC Intertie to damp oscillations on the parallel Pacific AC Intertie is described. This system significantly improves the damping of the Western interconnected power system, which has had a long history of periods of negatively damped oscillations. The(More)
A new out-of-step relaying concept has been previously reported. The concept involves augmaenting apparent resistance (R) measurement with rate-of-change of apparent resistance (Rdot) computation. The new R-Rdot relay thus has more intelligence for control decisions. This follow-up paper presents the following new information: large scale simulation(More)
Transient instability and islanding for loss of generation or loss of import disturbances during light load, heavy import conditions has become a concern in the Pacific Northwest. This paper describes two related sets of discrete power system stability controls designed and implemented in response to this concern.
A cause of high cycle fatigue in turbine blades is the resonance of blade vibratory modes with steam excitation. Single-pole switching (SPS) and high-speed reclosing (HSR) can excite 120 Hz torque oscillations that may resonate with the coupled blade-rotor torsional natural frequency and inflict damage on the blades. Using a new advanced continuum model,(More)
Five mini-papers summarize a panel session on single-pole switching at the 1985 Summer Power Meeting. Three of the reports describe single-pole switching applications in western North America. The fourth report surveys European applications of single-pole switching. The final report discusses protective relaying methods. The consensus is that single-pole(More)
Transient stability enhancement by 120-degree phase rotation is described. The concept is to disconnect two generators or two groups of generators when loss of synchronism is imminent (large rotor angle difference due to a fault or other disturbance). The systems are then reclosed with 120-degree phase rotation. Stability can be improved because fast(More)
IMPACT STRUCTURE, DEVON ISLAND: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE SEARCH FOR BIOMARKERS ON MARS. J. Parnell, G.R. Osinski, P. Lee, C. S. Cockell, C.W. Taylor, Dept. of Geology & Petroleum Geology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 3UE, U.K., J.Parnell@abdn.ac.uk, Dept. of Geology, University of Arizona, U.S.A., Mars Institute and SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research(More)