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Time series of satellite data, generated by the AVHRR (1981-1999), CZCS (1979-1985) and SeaWiFS (1998-2002), have been used to assess trends and interactions of physical and bio-geo-chemical features in the Adriatic Sea. The images were processed to estimate Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Chlorophyll-like Pigment Concentration (CPC). Long-term composites(More)
Remotely sensed data are widely used to identify, delineate, and characterize wetlands. Optical data provide interesting information to inventory vegetation and agricultural practices in wetlands but are limited to cloud-free periods. For this reason it is not possible to precisely delineate the extent of saturated areas as well as water cycles and water(More)
The project entitled Evaluation of RADARSAT-2 quad-pol data for functional assessment of wetlands (Id6842), developed in the framework of the CSA-ESA SOAR-EU (Science and operational applications research for Europe) by a consortium comprising I.E.T.R at the University of Rennes 1 and COSTEL-LETG at the University of Haute-Bretagne, aims to contribute to(More)
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