Cecile Grezes

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We report the experimental realization of a hybrid quantum circuit combining a superconducting qubit and an ensemble of electronic spins. The qubit, of the transmon type, is coherently coupled to the spin ensemble consisting of nitrogen-vacancy centers in a diamond crystal via a frequency-tunable superconducting resonator acting as a quantum bus. Using this(More)
We present measurements of superconducting flux qubits embedded in a three dimensional copper cavity. The qubits are fabricated on a sapphire substrate and are measured by coupling them inductively to an on-chip superconducting resonator located in the middle of the cavity. At their flux-insensitive point, all measured qubits reach an intrinsic energy(More)
We propose a multimode quantum memory protocol able to store the quantum state of the field in a microwave resonator into an ensemble of electronic spins. The stored information is protected against inhomogeneous broadening of the spin ensemble by spin-echo techniques resulting in memory times orders of magnitude longer than previously achieved. By(More)
Spin-transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) and magnetoelectric random access memory (MeRAM) are promising non-volatile memory technologies. But STT-RAM and Me RAM both suffer from high write error rate due to thermal fluctuation of magnetization. Temperature and wafer-level process variation significantly exacerbate these problems. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we propose a non-volatile stochastic computing (SC) scheme using voltage-controlled magnetic tunnel junction (VC-MTJ) and negative differential resistance (NDR). The proposed design includes a VC-MTJ based true stochastic bit stream generator and VC-MTJ and NDR based stochastic adder, multiplier, register, which are experimentally(More)
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