Cecile Cottier

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Although factors influencing renin release have been studied extensively, one facet of renin release remains controversial, namely, neural regulation by arterial high-pressure receptors and cardiopulmonary low-pressure receptors. We therefore designed four studies to investigate systematically the separate and combined effects of unloading (decreased(More)
As part of a human-robot interaction project, the gestural modality is one of many ways to communicate. In order to develop a relevant gesture recognition system associated to a smart home butler robot, our methodology is based on an IQ game-like Wizard of Oz experiment to collect spontaneous and implicitly produced gestures in an ecological context where(More)
The effect of clonidine (average 0.24 mg/day) and propranolol (average 105 mg/day) on home blood pressure readings in 16 patients with borderline hypertension was investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo crossover design. Patients could detect small but significant decreases of blood pressure with both active compounds (-8/-5 with propranolol and(More)
The question as to whether a specific behavior or type A pattern is limited to patients with coronary artery disease, or is found in atherosclerotic disease, in general, is explored. The interrelationship between a pattern of "pressured" behavior, assessed by open ended interviews, type A behavior, determined by the Bortner test, and peripheral(More)
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