Cecile Albrecht

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Hypoxoside is the major diglucoside isolated from the corms of the plant family Hypoxidaceae. It contains an unusual E-pent-1-en-4-yne 5-carbon bridging unit with two distal catechol groups to which the glucose moieties are attached. It is non-toxic for BL6 mouse melanoma cells in tissue culture on condition that the fetal calf serum in the medium is(More)
DNA "fingerprint" analysis has recently become known as a valuable technique for positive identification of any given individual. The chances for mistaken identity have been estimated to be 10(-6) for close siblings or as little as 10(-23) for randomly selected individuals. This methodology thus represents a significant improvement over previously(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the pharmacokinetic behaviour of hypoxoside taken orally by 24 patients with lung cancer. DESIGN Randomised open study with three single doses of 1,600, 2,400 and 3,200 mg standardised Hypoxis plant extract (200 mg capsules) and a multiple-dose study on the first 6 patients taking 4 capsules 3 times daily for 11 days. PARTICIPANTS AND(More)
To standardize a new evaluation technique for calculating the overall quality (OQ) of the donor cornea and validate it using a comparative study of corneas preserved in Optisol-GS and Cornea Cold®. Thirty pairs of donor corneas were selected for a 4 week in vitro comparative study using masked observers. Physiological parameters like thickness,(More)
Pharmacotherapy through the targeting of drugs is a promising new approach that requires adequate analytical methods capable of differentiating between the free drug, the drug carrier, and metabolites. Using micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MECC), we report the separation of naproxen (NAP) from NAP covalently coupled to human serum albumin(More)
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