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Social and ethical issues have and will continue to confront information technology professionals. As such, both the Association of Computing Machinery and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. organizations have emphasized the necessity for coverage of ethical issues in computing sciences curricula. This paper provides a detailed(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Budesonide is a glucocorticoid with a high topical anti-inflammatory but low systemic activity due to its rapid hepatic inactivation. The aim of this open, multicenter study was to investigate efficacy and safety of oral pH-modified-release budesonide in patients with active Crohn's disease of the ileum and colon and in maintaining(More)
Posterior correction and fusion of scoliosis with multisegmental instrumentation systems was developed by Cotrel-Dubousset in the 1980s. Initially correction and instrumentation was performed using hooks only. Later pedicle screws were implemented first for the lumbar and then for the thoracic spine. Nowadays instrumentation based on pedicle screws only is(More)
Color discrimination ability of 100 in-patients suffering from congestive heart failure and treated with digitoxin (D), pengitoxin (P), or digoxin (Dg) was determined with the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue test (FM 100) and compared with the color discrimination of 72 in-patients who were not treated with digitalis glycosides (control group C). Parallel to the(More)
The continuing evolution in state-of-the-art business applications such as those that support e-commerce, advancements in programming language design such as Java™, and the requirements for persistent data access mechanisms have all significantly impacted the required knowledge-base of computer information science graduates. As such these individuals should(More)
We report on the development and implementation of a time resolved backscatter diagnostics for high power laser plasma experiments at the petawatt-class laser facility PHELIX. Pulses that are backscattered or reflected from overcritical plasmas are characterized spectrally and temporally resolved using a specially designed second harmonic generation(More)
Sleep ability mediates individual differences in the vulnerability to sleep loss: Evidence from a PER3 polymorphism Cortex, Daytime sleepiness in renal transplant recipients is associated with immunosuppressive non-adherence: a cross-sectional, multi-center study Clin Transplant, The hockey-stick method to estimate evening dim light melatonin onset(More)