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The process of recreating CAD models from actual physical parts, formally known as digital shape reconstruction (DSR) is an integral part of product development, especially in redesign. While, the majority of current methods used in DSR are surface-based, our overarching goal is to obtain direct parameterization of 3D meshes, by avoiding the actual(More)
Depth Sensor 3D Scene Display Smartphone Interface Setup Found Objects a Scan Physical Objects Scanned 3D Models b Modify c Compose d Final Model e Figure 1: (a) Physical setup used in RealFusion, (b-d) three stages of the workflow: (b) digitizing physical objects using 3D scanning, (c-d) using mid-air gestures with a smartphone for interactive modification(More)
In this paper, we explore quick 3D shape composition during early-phase spatial design ideation. Our approach is to re-purpose a smartphone as a hand-held reference plane for creating, modifying, and manipulating 3D sweep surfaces. We implemented MobiSweep, a prototype application to explore a new design space of constrained spatial interactions that(More)
The usage of Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) technology for repairing defective voids in high-value metallic components is time consuming, since traditional geometric reconstruction methods are not seamlessly connected to the DMD process. Here, we consider the development of a semi-automated geometric algorithm for " virtually " repairing defective voids that(More)
In the real world, we use our innate manual dexterity to create and manipulate 3D objects. Conventional virtual design tools largely neglect this skill by imposing non-intuitive 2D control mechanisms for interacting with 3D design models. Their usage is thus cumbersome, time consuming and requires training. We propose a novel design paradigm that combines(More)
Keywords: Remanufacturing Laser direct deposition Life cycle analysis Turbine blade repair a b s t r a c t Laser direct deposition provides an attractive and cost effective means for repairing or remanufacturing high value engineering components. This study demonstrates the successful repair of defective voids in turbine airfoils based on a new(More)
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