Cecil O. Alford

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There are problems in incorporating VHDL into the undergraduate curriculum in beginning computer architecture courses. The problems relate mainly to cost arising from two factors: VHDL tool availability and proper lecture material to coincide with the course objective(s). At the Georgia Institute of Technology, pilot VHDL lecture materials have been(More)
Real–time image processing for object detection at high frame rates requires a high–performance system. Its effectiveness in object recognition over a wide range of image characteristics is proportional to its provision for varying signal processing techniques. Thus, a system designed to exhibit high performance with respect to one particular type of image(More)
This paper reviews our ongoing eeorts on designing a real-time vision system. The system consists of a real-time feature extractor and a relaxation network. The lter system is capable of performing multiple 2D non-separable lters, multi-resolution decomposition, and steerable transform. The relaxation network is capable of performing various relaxation,(More)