Cecil Eng Huang Chua

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The IT project control literature has documented that clan control is often essential in complex multi-stakeholder projects for project success. However, instituting clan control in such conditions is challenging as people come to a project with diverse skills and backgrounds. There is often insufficient time for clan control to develop naturally. This(More)
Online auctions constitute one of the most successful Internet business models. However, auction fraud has become far and away the largest component of all Internet fraud, posing a threat to the model's future. Traditional government organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Secret Service in the US, as well as new agencies such as Internet(More)
While many studies have assessed IS researcher-production, most have focused on either ranking IS journals or assessing prolific researchers using a restricted time frame and a small “basket” of journals (i.e., those journals selected for sampling). We found no research that has assessed the IS specificity of journals (i.e., the suitability of journals for(More)
While substantial research has examined the control of information systems (IS) projects, most studies in this area have only examined how one controller manages a single group of controllees. However, many IS projects, especially enterprise systems projects (often initiated by an organization’s corporate headquarters, and involving business unit users and(More)
The IS Bibliographic Repository (ISBIB), a central repository of Information Systems citations and author information, is a shared resource for research and researcher assessment that can support multiple streams of research. The goal of the repository is to capture research citations and other valuable information from all sub-cultures and disciplines(More)
Most research on attribute identification in database integration has focused on integrating attributes using schema and summary information derived from the attribute values. No research has attempted to fully explore the use of attribute values to perform attribute identification. We propose an attribute identification method that employs schema and(More)