Ceara Tess Cunningham

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BACKGROUND Survey research in healthcare is an important tool to collect information about healthcare delivery, service use and overall issues relating to quality of care. Unfortunately, physicians are often a group with low survey response rates and little research has looked at response rates among physician specialists. For these reasons, the purpose of(More)
Physician claims data are one of the largest sources of coded health information unique to Canada. There is skepticism from data users about the quality of this data. This study investigated features of diagnostic codes used in the Alberta physician claims database. Alberta physician claims from January 1 to March 31, 2011 are analyzed. Claims contain coded(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess if the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  patient safety indictors (PSIs) could be used for case findings in the International Classification of Disease 10th revision (ICD-10) hospital discharge abstract data. DESIGN We identified and randomly selected 490 patients with a foreign body left during a procedure (PSI 5-foreign(More)
OBJECTIVES With steady increases in 'big data' and data analytics over the past two decades, administrative health databases have become more accessible and are now used regularly for diabetes surveillance. The objective of this study is to systematically review validated International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-based case definitions for diabetes in(More)
OBJECTIVES With an increase and diversity in ethnic populations in Westernized countries, understanding the differences in levels of knowledge surrounding hypertension is important in planning appropriate prevention strategies. The purpose of our study was to assess levels of hypertension knowledge in Chinese, Indian and White populations in a large(More)
BACKGROUND There are concerns that alternate payment plans for physicians may be associated with erosion of data quality, given that physicians are paid regardless of whether claims are submitted. Our objective was to determine the proportion of claims submitted by physician specialists using fee-for-service and alternative payment plans, and to identify(More)
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