Ce Nelson

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Cytochrome oxidase histochemistry in frozen brain sections provides an estimate of mitochondrial respiratory function and neuronal metabolic activity. We hypothesized that in a perinatal rodent stroke model acute selective disruption of cytochrome oxidase activity could identify neuronal populations susceptible to irreversible ischemic injury. In 7-d-old(More)
Thapsigargin is a potent inhibitor of the microsomal calcium-ATPase. We hypothesized that thapsigargin-induced liberation of calcium from sequestered intracellular sites could result in irreversible brain injury. To assess neurotoxicity, intracerebral injections of 0.1-100 nmol thapsigargin were performed in 7-day-old rats, and the severity of injury was(More)
A variable but often significant proportion of urinary bladder cancer in urban areas can be attributed to occupational and cultural (cigarette smoking) situations associated with exposures to various arylamines. The variable N-acetylation of carcinogenic arylamines by human hepatic enzyme systems, the known genetic regulation and polymorphic distribution of(More)
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