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SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Scenes and Its Applications
While image alignment has been studied in different areas of computer vision for decades, aligning images depicting different scenes remains a challenging problem. Analogous to optical flow, where anExpand
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SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Different Scenes
While image registration has been studied in different areas of computer vision, aligning images depicting different scenes remains a challenging problem, closer to recognition than to imageExpand
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Unsupervised Joint Object Discovery and Segmentation in Internet Images
We present a new unsupervised algorithm to discover and segment out common objects from large and diverse image collections. In contrast to previous co-segmentation methods, our algorithm performsExpand
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Exploring new representations and applications for motion analysis
The focus of motion analysis has been on estimating a flow vector for every pixel by matching intensities. In my thesis, I will explore motion representations beyond the pixel level and newExpand
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Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Label Transfer
  • Ce Liu, J. Yuen, A. Torralba
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 1 December 2011
While there has been a lot of recent work on object recognition and image understanding, the focus has been on carefully establishing mathematical models for images, scenes, and objects. In thisExpand
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Nonparametric scene parsing: Label transfer via dense scene alignment
In this paper we propose a novel nonparametric approach for object recognition and scene parsing using dense scene alignment. Given an input image, we retrieve its best matches from a large databaseExpand
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Deformable Spatial Pyramid Matching for Fast Dense Correspondences
We introduce a fast deformable spatial pyramid (DSP) matching algorithm for computing dense pixel correspondences. Dense matching methods typically enforce both appearance agreement between matchedExpand
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Real-time texture synthesis by patch-based sampling
We present an algorithm for synthesizing textures from an input sample. This patch-based sampling algorithm is fast and it makes high-quality texture synthesis a real-time process. For generatingExpand
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Automatic Estimation and Removal of Noise from a Single Image
Image denoising algorithms often assume an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) process that is independent of the actual RGB values. Such approaches cannot effectively remove color noise produced byExpand
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Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image Deconvolution
Many fundamental image-related problems involve deconvolution operators. Real blur degradation seldom complies with an ideal linear convolution model due to camera noise, saturation, imageExpand
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