Ce Bian

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Thrombomodulin (TM), a key component of the anticoagulant protein C pathway, is a major contributor to vascular thromboresistance. We previously found that TM protein expression is dramatically reduced in autologous vein grafts during the first two weeks after implantation, coincident to a local inflammatory response, and remains suppressed for at least 6(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with heart failure are at increased risk for thromboembolic events, including stroke. Historically attributed to blood stasis, little is known about the adverse effects of elevated chamber filling pressure on endocardial function, which could predispose to intracardiac thrombus formation. METHODS AND RESULTS We investigated changes in(More)
The growing demand for new therapeutic strategies in the medical and pharmaceutic fields has resulted in a pressing need for novel druggable targets. Paradoxically, however, the targets of certain drugs that are already widely used in clinical practice have largely not been annotated. Because the pharmacologic effects of a drug can only be appreciated when(More)
A micro-fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) is proposed and demonstrated experimentally for ultrasonic imaging of seismic physical models. The device consists of a micro-bubble followed by the end of a single-mode fiber (SMF). The micro-structure is formed by the discharging operation on a short segment of hollow-core fiber (HCF) that is spliced to(More)
Nowadays, the research of software homologous detection is especially important in the flourishing software market while the existing detection techniques based on text, token, abstract syntax tree always get the real similarity inaccurately. In this paper, a synthesis algorithm based on Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) is proposed, which analyzes text,(More)
Nowadays, the research of software homology detection is more and more important in the flourishing software market. Most of the existing detection tools are based on text structure but ignore the syntax framework structure of program codes. A few tools based on syntax structure do not consider detection on semantics level, which can be avoided by some(More)
The research of software homologous detection is more important under the situation that the software market flourishes. Most of current detection tools are based on text which ignores the syntax structure of program codes, a few tools based on syntax structure are not good enough. CodeCompare the homologous detection system in this paper combines compare(More)
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