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Ectoparasites can reduce individual fitness by negatively affecting behavioural, morphological and physiological traits. In fishes, there are potential costs if ectoparasites decrease streamlining, thereby directly compromising swimming performance. Few studies have examined the effects of ectoparasites on fish swimming performance and none distinguish(More)
Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) is known to have pleiotrophic functions including pigmentary, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and immunoregulatory roles in the mammalian body. It is also reported to influence melanoma invasion with levels of alpha-, beta- and gamma-MSH correlated clinically with malignant melanoma development, but other(More)
Field observations using underwater video were used to reveal differences in the duration and frequency that fish engaged in daily behaviours such as chasing, searching, feeding, and travelling, according to their social patterns [passive or aggressive terminal phases (TPs), pair-spawning, or promiscuous groups] and intraspecific status (terminal or initial(More)
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