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The extent to which biodiversity change in local assemblages contributes to global biodiversity loss is poorly understood. We analyzed 100 time series from biomes across Earth to ask how diversity within assemblages is changing through time. We quantified patterns of temporal α diversity, measured as change in local diversity, and temporal β diversity,(More)
The introduction of non-native species into new habitats poses a major threat to native populations. Of particular interest, though often overlooked, are introductions of populations that are not fully reproductively isolated from native individuals and can hybridize with them. To address this important topic we used different approaches in a multi-pronged(More)
We present new data and analyses revealing fundamental flaws in a critique of two recent meta-analyses of local-scale temporal biodiversity change. First, the conclusion that short-term time series lead to biased estimates of long-term change was based on two errors in the simulations used to support it. Second, the conclusion of negative relationships(More)
to contribute up to 80% to the primary OH formation in the continental PBL, is generally overestimated. We gratefully acknowledge the efforts that the Zeppelin NT pilots and ground crews made to this work. We also acknowledge Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik (ZLT) and Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei (DZR) for their cooperation. thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft(More)
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